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When she was little we made her wear a bell
And that is because where she was, we couldn’t tell.
She was so little we were so full of fear
That we would accidentally step on her.
Many said she was the cutest puppy they had ever seen,
Her vet Dr. Johnson was really keen.
She loved to hold Digi in the palm of her hand
And tell me her mom that she thought she was grand.
People would laugh when I told them her make,
MultiPoo was too true to fake.
She grew up and learned to bite
People who she didn’t like.
The pool guy she hated the most,
And he is the sweetest I must boast.
Digi we called her short for Digit
She made us laugh while we grinned and bared it.
Now she’s gone and we are soooo sad,
But we had 15 years and that made us glad.
Bye for now little one,
I’ll see you in Heaven when my life is done.
I love you. Mom

- Julia

Our daughter passed away 7 years ago on Valentine’s day. This past holiday season, I was feeling quite blue missing her. I asked her to send me a sign. My second daughter was looking through old photos for the perfect picture for her frame. She found a love note from her deceased sister. This is what it said.....


I love you mom so much!!!

Love Kayleb


My husband then took that beautiful little love note and hit it away in my work bag which I opened later that evening and got quite the surprise. He and I have been together for 28 years. But surviving the loss of a child has been the hardest thing we have ever gone through. Pink was Kaylebs favorite color. But also, winning this may give us a reason to celebrate Valentine’s day instead of mourning year after year.



- Courtney

My Dearest Jami,

Can you recall that rainy drive when the raindrops composed a melody against our window? As the radio gently played, I glanced over, and there you were – feet on the dash. "Swish
swish," you sang, swaying to the rhythm of the wipers. In that playful moment, I could clearly see my heart was yours forever.


Now, as we drive with the top down along old dusty roads, your hair dancing in the wind, I realize that the splendor of creation around us pales in contrast to your glow – a beauty that blooms more vividly with each passing year.


Every morning, there you are, smile as bright as the sun. I see you – more beautiful than the day before – and find myself falling for you over and over again.

A quarter-century has passed by, yet it feels like only yesterday when our young lips stumbled upon love in the last pew of that old church. Jami, in that sacred moment my soul found sanctuary in the twinkling of your blue eyes.


I am yours forever and always,

- Shawn

To my dearest companion,

In the warmth of your gaze, I found a connection that words struggle to convey. From playful days adventuring in the mountains to quiet evenings camping on the beach or cozied up around a campfire. Your presence has been a constant source of joy and comfort in my life for more than a decade now.

As I think about love and the experiences we’ve shared, I’m grateful for the simple pleasures of your company — your subtle signs of affection (I know PDA was always more my thing, as here I am writing you a public love letter!), the way our eyes catch one another from across a room and the way I know you’re always excited to take part in whatever I plan for us.

Your loyalty to our relationship has always been so unwavering. We’ve weathered many storms and celebrated so much together. I can’t imagine life without you — you’ve become my family and so much more, my heart’s greatest delight. You’ve always been my silent confidant, offering

solace with a gentle nuzzle and a wagging tail. I love you unconditionally, even when you eat my slippahs.


To my first and most pure love, little Henry boy, my terrier rescue mutt. Happy Valentine’s Day buddy!

I love you so much! All the muches!

- Teresa

My dearest morning cup,

Every morning I awake in a fog

If it wasn’t for you I would stay in bed and continue to slumber like a log

Fortunately, I know you’re always there for me, no matter what time it may be

I turn you on and you boil to a mighty heat

Your beans are of the finest quality

Silky to touch, round at the tip, and dark like a goddess

Although the way you grind is quite obnoxious, your bodacious smell lures me in

Sip after sip, you are the drip to my whip


My dearest morning cup, may this love never fade, or I would feel so very betrayed

- Laura / Lolita

Dear Kasey,

In the heart of Kona, where the ocean meets the sky, my love for you has been a steadfast lighthouse, guiding me through a decade of longing. Today, I write not just to express my feelings, but to etch them into the annals of time through this letter, a testament to the depth of my affection for you.


For over ten years, you have been the silent melody in my heart, the unspoken dream in my sleep. Your sweetness and love are like the gentle Kona breezes, soft yet profoundly moving. Your beauty, with skin like porcelain and hair like the fiery Hawaiian sunset, captivates me endlessly. In your presence, I find a peace that surpasses all understanding, a tranquility that's as vast as the Big Island's horizons.


Each day with you is a revelation, unveiling the true meaning of love and companionship. You are not just my partner but the mirror reflecting my truest self. Your thoughtfulness, caring nature, and the way you see the world fill me with a sense of wonder and gratitude. I often marvel at my fortune,scarcely believing that the one I pined for over a decade, through seasons of change, is now the one I share my life with.


Our journey has been like a voyage across the vast Pacific - full of mystery, beauty, and discovery. Each moment I've spent cherishing you from afar, and now, cherishing you up close, has been worth more than all the treasures of the islands. If I had to, I would wait another ten years, for a love as pure and as profound as ours is a once-in-a-lifetime miracle.


As the waves eternally kiss the shores of Kona, so does my heart eternally belong to you. In you, I have found my true north, my guiding star. I promise to love you with all the sincerity and passion that fills my heart, today, tomorrow, and for all the days that the sun rises over our island paradise.


With all my love,

- Eli

Love is Happy

Love is Sad

When I got the news that I will be a grandpa

I also got the news that my Dad had passed


Life brings you happiness and joy

Life also brings you sadness and grief

Tears of new life

Tears of farewell

But one thing I know that Love is still in the air

I thank my pup, Porscha, for always being there

- Brian

Roses are red, violets are blue, and my love for you is true,

I see you from afar,

you dazzle like a star

the universe is beyond reach

but not your bootay on the beach

the waves tossle your hair

you're as wyld as a horses mare

this year I do dare

to be yours truly, if you care?

- Jesse

Dearest Sweetest Bobby,


This year will mark our 23rd year of our love story. We've certainly had our peaks and valleys, with a bit of a hiatus in between. In the end, with 3 adult children and almost our 4th grandchild, the writing on the wall is crystal clear-indeed you are the love of my life, my forever, my everything.


I couldn't be more blessed with a person whose heart is bigger than the sun. You've always put the kids and I first, yet you've always managed to help those in need too. Your giving ways show how caring, thoughtful and kind you are...once in awhile a bit sarcastic but it's a characteristic that does not outshine your best qualities.


We laugh together, get upset with each other and maybe shed a few tears together. Yet u never speak insulting words toward me. We were made for each other. Our love story is perfectly imperfect! True words from Aaliyah: "age ain't nothing but a number"..the 20 years age difference is nothing but one of the greatest adventures & risks in my life and I get to spend it all with you. Let's spend forever together-grow old together until the end of time. To my rock, my hero, my ke aloha pumehana iā 'oe...Samii

- Samantha

Aloha Dear One, Our love is like the Island of Hawaii. In the beginning, we were water. Among the many creatures in the ocean, we found each other. Together, we moved to the beach.


We explored one another on the warm sand with gentle breezes blowing and the music of waves.


As we became closer, we went inland. We nourished our bodies with the sights, sounds and smells of the lush forest. Our rhythm changed as we climbed higher and higher. Our breath quickened and our bodies grew slick. We sensed the peak ahead. The earth trembled and exploded, and we felt the ecstasy of Mauna Loa, erupting.


My love, wrap me in your arms and let us slip back into the sea.


Yours forever,

- Gretchen

My Dearest Hubby,


You’re my best friend and lover

It’s proven to be true

Every morning I wake

Thinking of you


Your erotic fingers and gentle kiss

Which only I can describe

A feeling I yearn for

When you’re by my side


This magic will radiate

From both inside and out

A sensual gift

No question about


A man of affection

As deep as a knife

I’m lucky to have you

For the rest of my life

I love you like Hawaii flora

fresh scent, vibrant color, wet touch

Forever present


loving, caring

ambitious, beautiful


fearless, determined


- Susan

To my Valentine,


As the sun sets on this blissful Kona evening aboard our pink limousine ride and dinner cruise, my heart overflows with the vibrant colors of love. The gentle sway of the boat mirrors the dance of our souls, entwined in the magic of the moment.


In your presence, every wave carries whispers of affection, and the soft glow of the sunset reflects the warmth I feel for you. As we savor the exquisite flavors of our dinner, each bite is a celebration of the connection we share.


I am grateful for the journey we've embarked on, cruising through the waters of life together. With you by my side, every moment becomes a picturesque scene painted with the hues of joy and companionship.


With Love,

- Lisa

My husband and I met in college. We have been together almost 24 years! We have two wonderful children and continue to love and admire each other. I would say the best quality about him is that he makes it a goal each day to make me laugh. Not a giggle but a doubled over, no noise coming out, laugh. He has done that from day one. Our motto is that “we are a good team” and that is so true. I love his silliness, seriousness, and everything in between. He will always be my Valentine.

- Jess

He does push me around a bit tho - my fault I guess - I let him. When we first met I was bending over to pick up a brush and apparently he could not resist the sight of my big rear end and gave me a strong head butt that sent me flying!!! Now I’m a large woman and that’s not easy to do! Imagine my surprise as I picked myself up and looked back at him - he was practically smiling and seemed quite pleased with himself! WTH? I avoid his humor these days…


Over the years we’ve had our ups and downs between his injuries and mine but we’re committed to each other. I’ve done my very best to care for him and he for me. He always cheers me when I’m down and comforts when I need it.


I don’t ride him as hard or often as I used to and I think he’s ok with that. Some questions should not be asked…. We’re both about 75 now and definitely not as spirited as we once were but very much still together. He still inspires my days and brightens when I appear - gives me kisses when I leave. Who is this GoodFella? Well he’s my fabulous Thoroughbred gelding that I adopted shortly after we met! GoodFella is his registered name. Captain, Captain Bunny, Lovie and Bun are all names he responds to as well. He is indeed My Love 

- Karen

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