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A Little More About Us

We call her (in Pigeon - common to the Islands) “Pink Go” because she is VERY Pink and she GOES! New, fun, and unique to Kona, Hawaii, this unusual limousine service is now ready for you. Explore the Big Island, make it a part of your wedding memories or have a princess party in it! The possibilities are endless.


When you step into Pink Go, you will experience a disco-like yet luxurious pink and white leather seating. Look up and enjoy the beautiful mirrored ceiling as you sip on your cold glass of Prosecco, wine of your choice or other beverage. (Please request at time of booking) Water is gratis of course. We have a team of great drivers who will make you feel cared for and relaxed.

All you have to do is Think Pink!!

Are you a resident of the Big Island and want a unique outing?


Let us make suggestions and take you! Dinner at one of Big Island's many fabulous restaurants? A spa day with friends at one of the beautiful resorts on the Kona coast? How about a Friday wine tasting followed by pupus? We also offer a staycation offer for kamaaina so there's no need to drive to the resort - let the party start the moment you step foot out your door!


Please keep in mind, we are a vintage, low-rider vehicle so we must be selective about where She Go, goes. Very steep inclines, high speed bumps, ruts, pit holes, hair pin curves, etc. are a NO CAN DO. We advise people to rent a jeep or 4-wheel drive vehicle in these cases. Early morning and late-night rides are subject to driver availability and should be booked well in advance.


Our founder and CEO, Julia, is a breast cancer survivor. So in honor of her and all breast cancer survivors, spot our Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon on the side of our pink limo!


We celebrate the empowerment, prevention, and awareness of women in this fight!

In honor of women, we have also created a group called W.I.N.O.S.

Learn all about it under "offerings"

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