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Meet The Team



Founder & CEO

Julia is the founder of Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC. A World-Class PR firm that celebrated it's 20th Anniversary in April 2022.

She is an excellent businesswoman and now is creating a new Kona business with Pink Limo Kona. She loves Hawaii and wants you to experience it in a unique way.

She is committed to offering you not just a limo ride, but an experience that lasts forever from your time in Hawaii.




Nikki, born and raised in the Islands has a vast knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area as well as the many sights to behold. Educated here as a child, the school system required that she learn the history of Hawaii and to an extent, the language – maybe not to speak it fluently but she understands it for the most part.  


Nikki got her degree in nursing so that should tell you how bright she is and how much she enjoys helping.


Tina Marie

Tina Marie owns her own VA & Consulting business and is thrilled to help Julia manage the overall operations of Pink Limo Kona, LLC. 

Tina was born and raised just outside of Chicago and enjoys artistic activities such as painting, digital art, & clay sculpting. She also loves swimming, boat rides, and hanging out in the Pink Limo!

Assistant Manager

PLK - Wade Photo.png

Wade is a proud commercial airplane and seaplane pilot.

He has been in Hawaii for 7 years and is originally from New Orleans.



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