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The Queen of Fun: In Interview with Julia Hutton of Pink Limo

By Johnny Gillespie

February 11, 2024

“This is the second pink limo I’ve owned. I had another in Arizona, where I had a retail shop named, Biker Babes & Beyond. The first pink limo, named Lola...had a certain 'flair' that appealed to the prolific bike crowd. I had flames painted going up and over the hood.”

By HI Now Staff

January 11, 2024 at 9:07 pm EST

HONOLULU (HI Now) - Hawaii has something new to be proud of and it’s here on the Big Island for all to enjoy. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, wedding, business meeting, a tour or almost anything else, PinkLimoKona is here to provide it! And you can hear the raves a mile away. PinkLimoKona is a 39 foot, 2008 Chrysler stretch with a Bentley grill and is completely outfitted for fun and travel.

By Caelan Hughes

Published: Aug. 6, 2023 at 3:45 PM HST

You can now live the complete Barbie fantasy thanks to a limousine service on Hawaii Island that’s pulling out all the stops to celebrate the new movie.

Julia Hutton, “chief enjoyment officer” at PinkLimoKona, says the company is now offering a glamorous and unforgettable experience — perfect for transporting Barbie fans of all ages. It’s called the “Barbie” Watching Tour. The tour will set a group of two to eight adults back $800 for four hours. Every additional hour costs $165. Participants get decorations, beverages, and Barbie-themed gift bags.

PinkLimoKona Provides an Extraordinary “Ride” to the Barbie Movie, Dinner and Dancing
AP News- July 12, 2023 

~ Experience the Glamour of Barbie Movie Magic with PinkLimoKona: Your Pink Luxury Ride Awaits! ~ Step into the enchanting world of Barbie with PinkLimoKona, the ultimate luxury transportation service that brings the magic of Barbie movies to life!

As the city’s premiere pink limousine service, PinkLimoKona is thrilled to offer a glamorous and unforgettable experience, perfect for transporting Barbie fans of all ages to the much-anticipated Barbie movie.

BUSINESS MONDAY: While shopping for ‘unusual vehicles’ Hutton found a pink limo

By Megan Hadley - Big Island Now - July 10, 2023 

When limousine driver Wade DeVillier gets ready for work, he feels like he’s going back in time. He puts on a white button down shirt, white gloves and black slacks, with matching black leather shoes. For pizzazz, he finished the look with a pink bowtie and pink top hat.

“It’s Wade the Chauffeur Extraordinaire!” he exclaims. 

But DeVillier isn’t driving just any stretch limo. He’s chauffeuring people around Big Island in Kona’s “Pink Go.”

At 30 feet long and bright Barbie Pink with matching interior, the pink limo makes weddings, date nights and princess parties sparkle. “It’s fun for me as well,” Devillier said. “Meeting the passengers, socializing with them, finding out where they’re from, entertaining them. It’s all a good time.”

Screen Shot 2023-07-10 at 6.18.27 PM.png


- And They Haven’t! PinkLimoKona` Brings Back Happy Memories While Creating Wonderful, New Ones -


November 15, 2021 - Press Release 

PinkLimoKona, LLC is excited to announce a new and different kind of limousine service in Kona. One BIG difference between this company and other limo services is (Besides the fact that she is PINK and she GOES) is she can provide entertainment while moving. Little Ones can have their fairy-tale Princess Party in it and tour guides offer natural history lessons about the Big Island. Elvis Parties anyone? Birthday parties, Christmas Parties – even weddings can happen in her. Business meeting on the go if so elected! If it can be imagined, PinkLimoKona can do it if what you want is legal (and in our opinion tasteful) and as small a party as 10 people max. We at PinkLimoKona thrive on having good, clean fun! She is called “Pink Go” – in Pidgin, and of course handles routine services most people expect from any limo service. But PinkGo is a vintage, low-rider and she no can do high, speed bumps, hairpin curves, narrow roads, and deep pit holes. She likes to stay on the level, straight and narrow. And that is a lot of places for her to go! PinkGo was “born” on the 9 th island – Las Vegas. Her owner shipped her to Hilo where she was in service touring the volcano and other places to behold in that area of the island. Her owner decided to retire so she was put up for sale. Julia Hutton, herself retired (and bored), decided she needed something fun to do after her long career in public relations. So, she bought her and brought her to Kona. Pink Go is a 2008, 29-foot, Chrysler limousine with a Bentley grill. Her mirrored ceiling with disco lighting, partial bar and blue tooth/video CD capabilities makes an ordinary ride to the airport or shopping, pure bliss. Her plush pink and white leather interior comfortably seats up to 10 people – seat belts included. Pink Go drivers have diverse experience. Many come from backgrounds of driving long and/or heavy equipment such as school buses, tour buses and other limousines. Many if not all have a long and strong suite in customer service, and some come from security/law enforcement backgrounds for passengers needing extra security. All have clean driving records. ​ If the party wishes (or the driver options for), the partition between driver and passengers can be closed for privacy as well as Covid-19 protection – if any parties are unvaccinated. All drivers wear white cotton gloves when assisting others and while handling baggage. The entire passenger compartment is disinfected after each ride is complete. ​ PinkLimoKona is unique in that ANY BUSINESS can advertise on her sides while she is not on private duty. Just like a bus only much less expensive AND 10 times the impressions through the many double and triple takes she receives just by the mere fact she is pink and unusually long. Miss Hutton says, “I wanted to use my considerable business and marketing acumen learned over 50 years to do something interesting, enjoyable and fun. Getting the various licenses required in Hawaii was a bit arduous but it brought us to where we are today. Being able to legitimately offer safe, affordable, comfortable, interesting, tasteful, and fun rides for people going anywhere on the Big Island.” For more information for press release call (808) 430-5935. Video or photos available upon request.



By Laura Ruminski - West Hawaii Today - | Monday, October 18, 2021

The staff at Kona Community Hospital recently received a token of appreciation from the Rotary Club of Kona Mauka. 

Arriving at the hospital in a pink stretch limo donated by Pink Limo Kona, Rotary members set up 300 goodie boxes for hospital employees in the Ginger Cafe cafeteria for the club’s Giving Thanks to our Frontline Workers Event last Wednesday.


“It is very important to thank the hard working frontline workers for their dedication during these hard times,” said Rotary Club of Kona Mauka president Sam Johnson.

The club decorated tables and distributed 300 individual packages filled with homemade ginger spice cookies, Maui chips, Oreo cookies, Rice Crispie treats, a pen, pupu gift cards from Fish Hopper and Magics Beach Grill as well as discount coupons for Cafe Florian and Pink Limo Kona.

“Without these generous donations we could not have made this happen,” said Johnson. “This is part of our Rotary Days of Service. November is giving thanks to frontline workers so with our club, we decided to start it sooner because we felt the need was greatly out there,” he continued. “By us doing this now, and doing both hospitals, we feel the pressure is going to be taken off of them even if it’s just 15 minutes out of the day that they can say wow, someone said thank you. ​ Johnson said they plan on delivering 50 boxes to employees at Ka‘u Hospital as well. “They’re not appreciated in the manner that they are because they are labeled with this pandemic and in my opinion it’s put them into a have to job rather than the passion that they have, he said. “If we can appreciate them and bring them back to the whole reason why they are working and involved in it, it’s worth it.”

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